Backup is a necessary evil.  It’s an insurance policy to protect you from potential threats to your data and the service your business provides to its customers.

Protection windows are shrinking, data is doubling, and many organisations struggle to protect data in a manner appropriate to need.

Ransomware, user error, system failure, datacentre loss, malicious intent or degenerative IT bugs – the threats are multiple.  Combine that with a need to compete in a global economy with tech savvy consumers that expect a 24×7 always-on service and its increasingly difficult for small business to institute processes and technology that can ensure services are protected holistically and can be restored instantaneously.

Enterprise-class data protection and recovery as a service.

Union's data protection and recovery as a service solutions take away the need for you to worry.

We’ve taken our 20 years of enterprise data protection experience and expertise and put it in a box. Recovery point granularity that ranges from minutes to years and recovery time capabilities that can restore your business data within seconds. With on-premise and off-premise options we can build a service to suit most SMB needs and allow you to get on with the job of running your business.

Service Reporting

Your service is monitored 24×7 and exception reporting will alert you to any compromised service levels.  Regular service reports in a language you and the business can understand will build confidence and a monthly consumption report statement to keep accounts happy.

Specialist Expertise

Data protection has been our area of expertise for more than 20 years. In that time we’ve designed and built some of the most sophisticated and elegant solutions for some of the most demanding corporate environments in the UK.  Now we are applying that knowledge to enable your small business to enjoy the same level of enterprise-class service and support.

Secure & Portable

All of your protected data is encrypted in transit and at rest.  Importantly, historical copies that you may need for compliance demands in the future can be handed off to you in native format at the end of our service term should you choose to leave us.

Pay as You Grow

You pay for the service on a consumed capacity basis.  You pay for what you use based upon a protection policy and retention policy service catalogue.  It’s an opex model with cloud enabled scale and economies.

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