You want to grow, yet to do so your business demands IT infrastructure that will give you a competitive edge.

As a small business it’s hard to ensure your IT infrastructure can keep up with the scale and agility you demand. You don’t want the cost of expensive hardware and software or meaningless resources in the cloud that still need an army of IT people to manage. You want your IT to enable you to compete on a global stage with enterprise-class service availability, performance, and protection.

At Union, we understand this. Union enables you to do what you do best by packaging all our design and operational expertise from the enterprise into infrastructure as a service for the SMB.  We democratise the best of the big boys’ advantage for the small business benefit giving you the chance to compete and grow profitably.

Always On

Union’s IaaS solutions are not only lightening fast but also designed with no single point of failure. They include all the performance, HA, DR, security, data protection and scale characteristics you’d expect of a FTSE100.  Enterprise-class but SMB affordable.

Fully Managed

Union Solutions manages the entire infrastructure stack as a service delivering 24x7x365 operational management, patching and monitoring all through a smart and simple dashboard.


We encrypt all your data at rest or in transit. DDoS protection is included as standard, and our data recovery protection processes mean you’re safeguarded from ransomware, user error, malicious intent, or disaster.  We’re ISO27001 certified to boot.

Human Touch

Union prides itself on its direct touch. We don’t hide behind a portal or email. Our team engages with you directly and has meaningful dialogue. We’ll take the time to understand your business needs and deliver a solution to match. Real people, real conversations.

UK Sovereignty or Azure Scale

Consume services from our UK datacentres and the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The service deliverables, our people, process and tools are the same. You benefit from a completely standardised managed infrastructure model regardless of your data sovereignty, scale, or internationalisation needs.

Green Credentials

We choose our datacentres carefully, with a specific emphasis on efficiency. Our UK datacentre platforms operate in an environment with a highly impressive 1.2 PUE ratio. By offering you optional renewable energy suppliers we could make you services entirely carbon neutral.

6 steps to better evaluating cost-effective data storage services

Get the infographic which suggests a shift in thinking – instead of comparing the cost of storage, compare the data service you need. You’ll read six steps to help you determine cost-effective data services.

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