Union Solutions Manages Azure for You

You need an IT infrastructure that can keep up with the scale and agility you demand, without the huge cost burden of expensive hardware, software and datacentres and an army of IT people. You care about performance, availability, security and recoverability.

At Union, we understand this. We’ve architected, tested and packaged those outcomes using the power of Microsoft Azure. After all, a Formula One car is just an expensive toy, without an expert team and driver. At Union, we are your team, managing Azure with you in mind.

Get predictable monthly costs with enterprise-class SLAs in Azure.


As experts in Azure architecture, we’ll optimise your workloads ensuring the precise allocation of resources. We’ll constantly monitor and measure performance to your defined standards.


We manage the entire infrastructure stack including the operating system, delivering 24x7x365 operational management and monitoring all through a smart and simple dashboard. Gain guaranteed SLA’s for your business uptime.


All data lives within your own dedicated Azure tenant, therefore it’s always your data, under your ownership and control. We take care of malware, antivirus, intrusion prevention and detection. Maintaining all critical patching with external security validation, reporting, monitoring and alerting.


Designed to fully and seamlessly integrate into our managed Azure data protection and platform recovery services. We guarantee data recovery in minutes and Disaster Recovery within 60 minutes should the unthinkable happen.

Learn About Union’s Azure Services

Choose to start small with an Azure Jumpstart Package or get a fully enabled cloud datacentre inside 30 days with Union Solutions.

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